Our hospital's in clinic laboratory machines can perform complete blood cell counts, complete chemistry panels, liver, kidney, and pancreatic enzyme function tests, glucose, and electrolytes.  Our hospital also offers cytology, digital x-ray and ultrasound.  Additionally, we can send samples out to a diagnostic laboratory ensuring that we have a wide range of diagnostic capabilities.



​​Routine veterinary dentistry involves prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) which includes a full oral examination, scaling, and polishing. Prophylaxis is performed with your pet under general anesthesia. To ensure the safety of your pet, blood work will be performed prior to anesthesia. Dental procedures include cleaning each tooth and scaling under the gums to remove food, bacteria and tartar build-up. During the procedure, the veterinarian examines your pets teeth thoroughly for any cracks, breaks, or periodontal disease. ​If your pet is found to have more advanced dental or periodontal disease, your veterinarian may recommend more specialized procedures.

We offer a wide range of breeder services such as artificial and surgical insemination, progesterone and brucellosis testing, semen collection and evaluation, puppy count radigraphs and ultrasound imaging, OFA radiographs and cesarean section.

Did you know pets can have allergies to environmental elements as well as to certain ingredients in food?  Some signs your pet may be suffering from an allergy can include itchy or red/pink skin, unusual scratching or itching, discharge from the eyes or nose, hair loss, vomiting and diarrhea.  The doctor's at Eagle's Nest are happy to exam your pet in order to determine if they have allergies or if there is another underlying cause for their itchiness by performing skin scrapes, ear/skin cytologies, biopsies, blood testing and diet trials.

Breeder Services

Here at Eagle's Nest we offer various surgeries such as spays, neuters, oral surgery, knee surgery, femoral head osteotomy (FHO), organ biopsy, splenectomy, cystotomy, foreign body removal, eye removal (enucleation), amputations, and mass removals. Please call our hospital for more information regarding specific surgical procedures.

Our Eagle's Nest Veterinary Care Services

The decision to euthanize a companion animal is never an easy one. Our veterinary team understands the emotional difficulty that comes along with this decision. We take the time to talk with you, explaining all options and answering any questions you may have.  Most importantly, we provide you and your pet with all the support, information, and care you need during the process. Our priority is to ensure a peaceful and comfortable passing for your closest friend, and to treat each step of the proceeding with care and respect.



eagle's nest animal hospital

​​​Preventive care services are performed for the prevention of disease or sickness as well as help to ensure your pets stay healthy. Our preventive care services include wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite screening and control, heartworm testing and prevention, feline immunodeficiency virus and leukemia testing, and even weight management.  Feel free to contact us to further discuss our puppy, kitten and adult wellness schedules!



Preventive Care

Dr. Judge has been certified to practice veterinary acupuncture since 2015.  Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine which may be defined as the insertion of needles into specific points on the body to produce a healing response.  This is believed to stimulate the flow of energy forces that nourish tissues, stimulate blood flow, and enhance body systems.  Veterinary acupuncturists may use needles alone, needles with electrical stimulation, or needles including vitamin B (aquapuncture).  Ask us if acupuncture is right for your pet!

End of Life Care

Eagle's Nest offers professional grooming services for all breeds of dogs and cats.  Proper grooming eliminates painful tangles, matting, and excessive shedding, which greatly enhances your pet’s overall health and quality of life.  Our groomer is equipped to deliver individualized, compassionate, and professional care for your pets grooming needs!