​​​Attention Furloughed Government Employees: 

Eagle's Nest would like to help our clients who may be suffering from the Government Shutdown. For our existing clients, we are happy to provide any non-routine care they may need on credit. Clients may take until up to 60 days after the government reopens to settle their accounts. Please let us know if you are interested in this program or have any questions. 

Eagle's Nest Animal Hospital

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February is Dental Month! 

Location and Hours

7955 Kings Hwy, King George, VA 22485 | 540-775-6800

​​10% Off All Dental Cleanings Scheduled in February​

Winter is here!​​

When the forecast calls for snow and ice, remember these tips for protecting our furry friends from sidewalk salt:

  • Using salt on your sidewalks and driveways can cause painfully cracked skin on paws. Shovel early and often!
  • Spreading sandbox sand on ice won't melt it, but it is a nontoxic way to provide traction for walking.
  • Wipe your pets' paws and underbellies with warm, soapy water after walks to prevent accidental ingestion of toxic ice melting chemicals.
  • Try paw booties to prevent contact with salt altogether!

If we need to close due to weather we will make an announcement on our website and Facebook page. Stay warm, everyone!

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​7:30am - 6:30pm

Welcome to Eagle's Nest Animal Hospital


Eagle's Nest Animal Hospital is a full-service, accredited animal hospital serving King George, Virginia since Dr. Samantha Judge opened our doors in October 2007. Dr. Judge along with associates, Dr. Megan Hodorowicz and Dr. Erin Dutton, have teamed up to ensure pet owners receive the most important information regarding their pets well-being while giving accurate diagnoses and providing top-notch care for their patients!

Our veterinarians, veterinary technicians and pet-friendly staff are experienced and prepared to handle any situation. Caring for animals is a very rewarding job, and we take it very seriously. We pledge to treat you and your pets as family and handle them with the best and most compassionate care the veterinary field has to offer!​